"I know that the bedrock of this community is the environment around us. While this is a local election, in a county that is a national treasure, our local issues can - and do - affect the nation."

- Mike Gierau

My top priorities as your elected representative:

  •  A strong education system at all levels

  • Affordable and comprehensive healthcare

  • Protection for public lands 

  • Equal opportunity and wages for women

  • robust and diverse economy


Education is a sector that is essential to support for a strong Wyoming future.  At every level, schools (K- 12, community colleges, and the University of Wyoming) are integral to our state. We have to keep them robust in order for our communities to thrive. In an era of declining revenue, we must prioritize our resources with an eye toward the future. Educated citizens are active citizens with greater economic opportunity and prosperity.

 As your State Senator, I will keep working for a strong education investment by the State, just as I have as your State Representative. Allowing equal access to our educational system is also essential.

I am proud to be endorsed by the Wyoming Education Association Political Action Committee for Education, the political arm of the Wyoming Education Association that endorsing pro-public education candidates.


We in Teton County are so fortunate to have highly experienced healthcare providers and a wonderful hospital. My question to you is can you afford to use these resources? Insurance rates in Wyoming are currently among the highest in the nation! That is why, as your State Representative, I'm currently working to bring more insurance providers into the state to help lower insurance costs for individuals and families. 

Over the past few years in Cheyenne, I have also worked diligently to improve mental health care. I have voted to increase funding for mental health care, especially for at-risk youth, and have worked to secure more state funding for suicide prevention programs. I also voted to increase spending and investigate solutions for opioid addiction through the appointment of The Wyoming Opioid Addiction Task Force

I strongly believe Wyoming needs to expand Medicaid, which would provide insurance for 20,000 uninsured Wyoming residents, including our most vulnerable populations: children, senior citizens, and veterans.

Public Lands and Conservation

We must keep public lands open and accessible to all. Our public lands are the heart and soul of Teton County and help us maintain our mental and physical wellness. The ability to access our public lands to hunt, hike, fish, bike, or enjoy in myriad other ways is a primary reason people come from all over the world to visit Teton County. It is the is also the reason many of us choose to live here.

Public lands are also the bedrock of our hospitality industry, which is essential to the economic health of Teton County. 

Our public lands are a national treasure, and we who live here must work to protect it. Utah and Colorado in the last 100 years have sold 50% of their public land. Nevada has sold 99% of their land. This is a trend that we must avoid.

We owe it to our children to be responsible stewards. Just ask my son and daughter.

Equal Opportunity for Women

Wyoming currently ranks 49th in the nation, which means nearly all other states have better earning equality than Wyoming. The gender wage gap in Wyoming is 69 cents to the dollar, while the national average is 79 cents to the dollar. No gender wage gap is acceptable. We must raise up the women of Wyoming and truly be “The Equality State.”

The Economy

In an era of declining revenue we must prioritize our resources with an eye toward the future. We need to look inward first.

  • It’s important to communicate with our local leaders to understand their needs. The funding of towns and counties is a big issue each year. With budget cuts looming it will be important for us to consider other revenue streams for our municipalities and counties.

  • It is tremendously important to work toward a diversified business climate. Recognizing that energy will be a critical part, but not the only part, of a sustainable future for Wyoming. This is one of those one step at a time problems- no silver bullets, no 500 page "blueprint report" that will sit on a shelf with the other reports. We have the people, resources, and political will to do this. The time is now.